Required documents for omra

1- An international passport is available for each winner and the facilities, if any, provided that the validity period is not less than one year. The passport of the mahram shall be attached to the passport of the accompanying lady.
2. Two modern "4 x 6" photographs with white background inscribed on the back by the passport holder.
3- Health card for receiving vaccination "seasonal flu vaccine, 135 ACYW vaccine, and cerebrovascular disease", and any other vaccinations decided by the Ministry of Health.
4 - a criminal case newspaper mechanized "Feish Hajj".
5- Statement of the recruitment status of the lottery winners and their accomplices "if any" at the age of recruitment.
6. Travel approvals for those whose travel requires the approval of his employer.
7 - a certificate of health to identify diseases affected by the pilgrim, and medicines that are prohibited from dealing with pilgrims who need special medical care, and reports and prescriptions that benefit the way of using medicines for patients suffering from medical conditions, and under the supervision of the treating physician, and highlighting them to customs officers at the Kingdom's access points